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My name is Rebecca and I'm a 21 year old Swedish British girl with a vast interest in social, and global, issues. Goal is to pursue a career working with these things.

Pro-choice opinions come after a long educatioal journey filled with musings on what's ethical. More about me can be found under the page 'about me'

Imagine how many people are here today thanks to abortion.

Imagine all the small children you have in your life not being here, because their mother didn’t have an abortion with a child before. 

I know several children that were born after their mother had an abortion, a year, 4 years, or 10 years before. If not for that, they wouldn’t be here. That’s heartbreaking.

So if you get upset because your parent had an abortion before having you, remember that that abortion is the reason you were able to be born. Look at the children around you, chances are that at least one of them wouldn’t have been there today if not for abortion.

Who are you to say these children shouldn’t have been born? If we twist it that way?

Abortion makes life possible. Imagine that.

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    This this this!!!! I am proof of that.
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    This post wasn’t about “justifying” abortion, it was about talking about the people alive today BECAUSE of abortion. I...
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    This is just a reaalllyy far out idea here. None of these things justify abortion as a whole.
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    My siblings and I are here today because my mom aborted ONE child.
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    Oh no, I know that this post was basically a response to the “Imagine how many people aren’t here today because of...
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